Every theater worth its salt needs its outlaws... and here at Cherry Lane we've been courting outlaws, of one kind or another, since our inception. Edna St Vincent M. was one for sure... also of course the Living Theatre, whose shows the fire department would close down back in 1952, citing the sets as being too "dangerously flammable," tho it has been suggested the closings were actually an attempt to contain the troupe and their "DANGEROUS BOHEMIAN INFLUENCE"... Judith Malina actually chased the fire inspector down the street with a bamboo spear... which is precisely the kind of shenangians we'd expect from this group, FUCTnyc - a new group of outlaws recently gracing the Cherry Lane stage. For us to try and explain these guys in a few succinct words would not do them justice, so we'll leave it to a Pulitzer winner, the great EDWARD ALBEE: "The funny stuff is really good and even the junk is funny. There's a great deal of male frontal nudity in the show. The previous remarks apply." Check out their video and you will get a sense... and make sure you keep watching until the very end. Then head to their website FUCTNYC.COM to find out where and when you can see them next. Because you gotta support the artistic outlaws, life would be no fun without them.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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