DAY 84: Actor/ Playwright/ Monologuist/ Novelist ERIC BOGOSIAN

DAY 84: Actor/ Playwright/ Monologuist/ Novelist ERIC BOGOSIAN
"The greatest thing I ever saw on stage was at the Cherry Lane theater." - E.B.
Our first round of 90 days to celebrate our 90th year is just winding down... but Eric's round of 100 Monologues is just winding up! Drama Desk and THREE TIME OBIE award winning work from the six solo shows he's written and performed and have been produced all over the world serve as source material for the awesome video performances by some of NYC's best actors currently being released every Wednesday on the website (today's artist: SAM ROCKWELL in "Journal"). In addition to his solo shows of course, Eric's written several plays including TALK RADIO (Pulitzer Prize Nomination, TONY Nomination, AND a film adaptation by OLIVER STONE - which he also starred in), subUrbia (adapted to film by RICHARD LINKLATER), and GRILLER (just to name a few). AND he's written three novels. Add to that his performances in the film WONDERLAND (with KATE BOSWORTH, CARRIE FISHER, and VAL KILMER) on stage in THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT atLAByrinth Theater Company, and most recently on TV, stirring the already full pot on THE GOOD WIFE. So you can see why this guy may be worthy of a hundred monologues or so. Be sure to check out his video to see THE ONE show he would time travel back to experience again - hint: it appeared on our stage, and rocked the theater world to its core.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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