DAY 79: Long Island Medium/Friend of Cherry Lane Theresa Caputo

You say the words "reality tv" and people pretend like they're above it... you say the words "psychic" or "medium" and they brush it off like it's crazytalk... so one can only imagine that those things together would make some run for the hills. However, when combined with the personage of one THERESA CAPUTO, what you get instead is a hit TLC show called THE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM... where this family matriarch has to split time between her own family members on Long Island, and family members of strangers on the spiritual plane trying to reach them. And yeah yeah, we can hear some of you shaking your heads, but if you've ever been in the room with this woman, then you know for sure - she's THE REAL DEAL. Which makes us ecstatic that upon stepping foot in Cherry Lane, she wanted to lend her talents to our cause and set up a fundraiser right here, for Monday (3.24) evening! Tickets are all spoken for - but there might be a camera crew in tow, for later broadcast perhaps? Don't worry, we'll let you know if (and when) it happens... until then, check out her video below, and you'll understand what the buzz is about.

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