DAY 78: Actor/Composer/Playwright Robby Benson & Actress/Singer Karla DeVito

Our instinct here is to begin with a play off of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Karla being "Beauty," natch, but for anyone who was a teenager in the 70s and liked boys, Robby Benson could never be thought of as an unattractive hulking "Beast"... his performance in ICE CASTLES alone still makes our knees weak, and our eyes teary ("We forgot about the roses!")... meanwhile, Karla was spending the 70s performing with Bill Murray in the famed Second City troupe, and singing back up for BLUE OYSTER CULT and MEAT LOAF. Then in 1981, during the Broadway production of PIRATES OF PENZANCE it happened... she went on for Linda Rondstadt, he took over for Kevin Kline, and the Pirate King found his Mabel for real, and true love was born. She continued on her trajectory - David Letterman once referring to her as "the sweetheart of rock n' roll"... He becoming a much sought after voice-over actor after the wild success as Beast in Disney's Oscar nominated film... but when the magic really began is when they started to collaborate with each other. Remember the iconic dance montage thru the library in THE BREAKFAST CLUB?... That's Karla performing hers and Robby's "We Are Not Alone"... they also penned Diana Ross' "Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do" on her album "Swept Away," amongst many others... And in 2004 they brought their brilliant partnership here to Cherry Lane with the play OPEN HEART written and performed by Robby and starring Karla.... where they not only had a GREAT run, they also captured OUR hearts, completely.

Check out how awesome they are - and how Robby still exudes heartthrob qualities- in their video below - and be sure to catch the adorably "graphic" ending. 

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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