DAY 76: Actor LeRoy McClain

It takes dedication, passion, and true excitement to be successful at anything, and LeRoy McClain embodies that ideal for acting as well as anyone we've met here at Cherry Lane. Also it doesn't hurt that he has a killer smile... a light up the room, make your heart break wide open kind of smile, the kind that has charmed artists like Tonya Pinkins, Jessica Chastain, John Cullum, Nilaja Sun, John Ortiz and Philip Seymour Hoffman, on stages all over the world... A self confessed "theater lover," LeRoy is a veteran of the Cherry Lane stage having participated in Rajiv Joseph's HUCK AND HOLDEN (in 2005's Mentor Project AND in 2006 when it returned to the stage as part of our Discovery Series). Dedicated to original works and new pieces, he worked with Rajiv again the following year (at Lark Play Development Center) during the evolution of Rajiv's Pulitzer and TONY nominated BENGAL TIGER AT THE BAGHDAD ZOO. And having performed Off-Broadway in MILK LIKE SUGAR, BORN BAD (AUDELCO Award nomination), and MEASURE FOR MEASURE among many others... his passion took him on to Broadway for Shakespeare's CYMBELINE and Alan Bennet's THE HISTORY BOYS.

His excitement in his video below only matches our own at having such an incredible person as part of the Cherry Lane family... and we have no doubt that LeRoy, and that smile, will still be shining just as bright when HE turns 90.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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