DAY 75: Playwright/TV writer/Screenwriter Jeff Stolzer

Did you ever wonder where all of the questions come from on those trivia gameshows? Like WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?? They come from guys like Jeff! In addition to his TV writing for Regis Philbin's interrogatory line-up for the "hot seat" and Fox's SPORTS GENIUSES, Jeff's work has been honored in a plethora of New Play festivals around the country... UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT, THE LOST TRIBE, and THE TRIALS OF MOLLY GREEN (just to name a few...). And you can tell this guy's got a penchant for cool trivia and artifacts. Check out his Cherry Lane collection as he asks AND answers - "How do I love the Cherry Lane? Let me count the ways..."

90 artists.90 days.90 years.


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