DAY 74: Cherry Lane Gang’s Library Curator Colleen O’Shea

Colleen is just one of those people that makes you smile. You can't help it. She radiates warmth and kindness of such that you can't help but be drawn to her... also doesn't hurt that she's fun,funny, inspiring (have you SEEN her in her red lipstick?) and smart... oh boy, is she smart. Not only does she manage and curate our extensive upstairs library - she's ALSO putting together a multi-volumed anthology of the Mentor Project plays (PRE-ORDER VOL 1 HERE - ) spanning over 16 years of new works. Pretty incredible... but then again... Colleen is pretty incredible. For 5 years she's been sharing her smile with us at CLT. Whether she's rocking out some awesome karaoke or "catching" foul balls at Yankee's Stadium on a staff outing or keeping us in the know about the latest "Night of a Thousand Stevies"... Colleen is just wonderful to be around. You catch that smile.

Check out her list of adjectives for Cherry Lane (VIDEO below!) and know that ALL of them can be applied to this lady. We love you, Colleen (and also your killer fuzzy hat)!!!

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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