DAY 72: Actor/Playwright Vichet Chum

It's funny sometimes, how you keep finding some people... how they keep appearing and re-appearing in your periphery, in your atmosphere... that's how it is for us and Vichet. Making his way here from the suburban sunsets of Dallas, TX... by way of the autumnal beauty of Indiana, and a stopover in the lobster infused art haven of Rhode Island, Vichet found himself an "urban refugee" of NYC... which led him thru amazing companies, likeINTAR TheatreTheater for the New City, and Ars Nova (just to name a few)... but then he found us, and we found him, and the dance began and has continued... thru the lead off MP2014 piece, Jen Silverman's THE HUNTERS, thru his own one-man-show, KNYUM as part of the All For One Theater Festival... and proving that all roads do indeed lead home, thru his first ever NYC theatrical experience, right here, behind our red doors, on a long ago visit to the city... Vichet keeps on finding Cherry Lane, and Cherry Lane keeps on finding Vichet. Here's to hoping those roads continue to connect well on into the next 90.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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