DAY 67: Cherry Lane Alum Staff, Tawnya Gallagher

DAY 67: Tawnya Gallagher - Cherry Lane Family 
Where to begin with Tawnya... how about her style? Blue hair, technicolor tutus, Converse in every shape and style- including fur lined and waterproof... think you got a handle on herby that? Would Army veteran be next on your list? No? Well it should be... along with high school English teacher, graphic artist, novelist and CosPlay enthusiast...just to name a few. Tawnya is a true blue Renaissance Woman... her quest for experiencing life, in all facets, is so genuine and so all encompassing, you would think THAT is what defines her... but again she surprises you... because what defines Tawnya, what really sets her above the rest is her heart... her big beautiful generous heart...which is on full display here in her video in the guise of a cover of the Beatles' Penny Lane, that she's re-written as CHERRY Lane - a lovely tribute to all who make her run. So sit back and enjoy, and you'll understand how the heart you see on stage, manifests in our staff off stage as well. 

90 days.90 artists.90 years.

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