DAY 66: Author & Playwright Carol Snyder

Here's the thing about how great our people are... if you were, say, a highly successful children's and teen book author, and had been for years, it would be tempting to rest on your laurels, keep inside that comfort zone and stay safe with what you know... but not our folks, not this lady for sure... Carol has been a longtime supporter of CLT, coming to Master Classes way back when Wendy Wasserstein was a part... when Edward Albee was a part... she's been attending the Mentor Project presentations since their inception... coming to our productions, too... and filled up with inspiration, finally decided to write her own play... taking all she knew, taking all that those Masters had imparted, taking all that blood and sweat she'd watched playwrights leave on the boards, and jumping off of that cliff, taking the leap because, you know, what is life without those leaps? ... and she came out of that with her play, BETTER FOR BETTER, and ended up a SEMI FINALIST IN HER OWN RIGHT for Mentor Project '14! That's the kind of people we are blessed to have in our corner, the kind of people who inspire US to develop and create and leap with, and soar with and sometimes fall to the ground with... to never stop pushing the boundaries of comfort with. Blessed doesn't even begin to cover it.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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