DAY 64: Actor Cotter Smith

Cotter Smith - just the name evokes some authority. Like if Cotter Smith's on your side, sh*t's going to turn out okay, you know? Perhaps that's why he's been tapped to play the POTUS more than once in his career (our favorite in XMEN 2)... also why his name appears on so many contemporary classics... Charles Fuller's A SOLDIER'S PLAY, Paula Vogel's HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE, Athol Fugard's BLOOD KNOT, to name a few. He was a long time member of Circle Repertory Company in NYC, and a founding member of The Matrix Theatre Company in Los Angeles. Cotter most recently graced the Cherry Lane stage in a reading of Joe Pintauro's LOVE/KILL, where we caught up with him for his video below. In it, he refers to CLT as "an inspiring tribute to the history of American theater"... well Cotter, that is high praise, and not only do we thank you for it, we believe the same thing about you.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.


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