DAY 57: Actor Reza Salazar

It grabs you... that name, "Reza"... as he introduces himself below, it GRABS you. Just as he must have GRABBED people as a boy, performing across South America in a mother/son clowning duo called "Honey & Bingo"... at the age of 10, becoming a member of his first theater troupe - GRABBED for real by the art form that would sustain him... you might know him from THE BLACKLIST, or GRAND THEFT AUTO... from his two stints on LAW & ORDER, or as "Thug #1"on LOUIE... he's got his NYC Actor BONA FIDES for sure... and still finds time to go back to his clowning roots, to his real passion: teaching the arts, which he refers to as a "beautiful scary adventure," to 60 kids atR.Evolucion Latina's summer camp. We get the scary part, with 60 kids and all (ha!) just kidding... but, what it sounds like to us, that "beautiful scary adventure," what it sounds like is LIFE. Beautiful, blessed, bountiful life. Gracias, Reza.

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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