DAY 53: Playwrights Callan Stout & Ryan Fogarty

These two Mentor Project 2014 Semi-Finalists are like two peas in a pod... both are 2008 graduates of NYU Tisch School of the Arts both know how to come up with awesome play titles, he: THE BOURGEOIS OBLIGATION, she: BROWNIES, BICYLES & BIGFOOT... both are recipients of cool artist endeavours, he: aMakehouse residency, she: a masters in FOLKLORE from the University of Aberdeen... and both are pretty fabulous writers who are on the verge breaking out into the wide world of EMERGING artistry... and when that happens, you'll remember that it was CHERRY LANE that brought them to your attention - just the kind of thing we've been doing for 90 YEARS!!

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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