DAY 45: Writer/Producer/Cherry Lane Board Member Matt Williams

Writer, producer, board member (not to mention the love of Angelina's life) Matt Williams

Cherry Lane LOVES love. So, in honor of celebrating 90 years, AND because it's Valentine's day, AND because we happen to know this incredible Hollywood writer/producer has a MAD CRUSH on our Artistic Director, today's video is none other than MATT WILLIAMS! He's the legend behind the screen that brought us some of America's most-loved sitcoms: ROSEANNE, HOME IMPROVEMENT and THE COSBY SHOW... not for nothing, all great family shows - and as Matt is a true family man, that makes perfect sense. So... Happy Valentines Day, Matt and Angelina (and all our FB buddies)!!
We know the love will still be there when you guys hit 90, too!

90 artists.90 days.90 years.

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