What of the Night?

four one-acts presented as part of The 2010 New York Fornés Festival
by Maria Irene Fornés

Nadine directed by Jaquelyn Landgraf
with Zuleyna Guevara, Ronald Alexander Peet, Rik Walter, Desiree Burch, Tracy Podell, and Stephanie Hsu; Jeri Silverman; Guitarist

Springtime directed by Kay Matschullat
with Anna Fikhman, Massiel Delgadillo, and Liam Nelligan

Lust directed by Felipe J. Gorostiza
with Walter Krochmal, Gilbert Gruz, Monica Steuer, Mateo Gomez, Elizabeth Acosta, and Ryan Thibeault

Hunger Directed by Mayra Ferrer
with Jack R. Marks, Eve Packer, Ralph Pochoda, Adriana Sonones, and Kaitlin M. Goff.
Ashley L. Fields, Stage Directions for all four plays
festival presented by INTAR; Gwendolyn Alker, Curator.

presented as part of Cherry Lane’s Tongues Reading Series