We Play for the Gods


Women’s Project Theater presents


Written, directed and produced by the 2010-2012 WP Lab

with Annie Golden, Amber Gray, Alexandra Henrikson, Irene Sofia Lucio & Erika Rolfsrud

Scenery by Jennifer Moeller, Costumes by Moria Sine Clinton, Lighting by Scott Bolman & Sound by Stowe Nelson

June 1-23, 2012

The copier coughs. The air conditioner stutters. Your Post-It supply is running low. Don’t dismiss the notion that you may be reckoning with forces divine. In the world premiere production of WE PLAY FOR THE GODS, four women go to work on a seemingly ordinary day only to find that a trickster god has slid through the cracks and cubicles of their office to take them on a journey to the other side of ordinary. Who knows? Today, the same could happen to you.

WP Lab:  Charity Ballard, Alexandra Collier, Elizabeth R. English, Jessi D. Hill, Andrea Kuchlewska, Manda Martin, Dominique Morisseau, Kristen Palmer, Sarah Rasmussen, Mia Rovegno, Melisa Tien, Nicole A. Watson, Stephanie Ybarra and Stefanie Zadravec


Watch rehearsal trailer

Left photo: (L-R) Alexandra Henrikson Erika Rolfsrud and Irene Sofia Lucio
Right photo: (L-R) Annie Golden, Amber Gray, Alexandra Henrikson, Irene Sofia Lucio and Erika Rolfsrud. Photos by Chasi Annexy

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