The Trail to Oregon!


Starkid Productions presents


Book Written by Jeff Blim, Nick Lang and Matt Lang 
(with Additional Writing by Brian Holden)
Directed by Nick Lang
Music and Lyrics by Jeff Blim 
(with Additional Music by Drew DeFour)
Choreographed by Katie Spelman

Featuring Jeff Blim, Rachael Soglin, Jaime Lyn Beatty, 
Lauren Lopez, Corey Dorris and Joey Richter

Did you know that in the 1840's hundreds of families left their homes in the east to travel down The Trail To Oregon?! 
Join our All-American family as they set off on the original cross-country road trip! See them face the perils of the trail, like bandits, snake bites, broken wagons and dysentery! 
Will they all make it to Oregon alive? Absolutely not!
You name the characters! You decide who dies! 
The Trail To Oregon! is a new musical comedy spoof based on the greatest computer game of all time!!!