The Darfur Compromised

Carsonic Productions presents an NYC Premiere
November 2nd
The Darfur Compromised is a new play conceived and devised through a close study of the historical conflict and the international politics surrounding the Darfur region. The play tells of Jackson, a young student at an elite university, and his mentor Professor, who travel together through the history of American activism surrounding the Darfur genocide, featuring figures such as George W. Bush, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and Secretary General Kofi Annan. 
As Jackson learns more and more about the conflict, he is challenged to redefine himself and his beliefs to his girlfriend, his parents, and himself. Imagination meets reality in this genre-bending satire that both informs and entertains.

A reflection of the past, a showcase of the present, and a call to action regarding the future of Darfur and its tragedy,The Darfur Compromised highlights the frustration, inaction, and resilience of those involved by setting historical, documentary text alongside fictional interpretations.