The American Dream & The Sandbox

Judith ivey

written and directed by Edward Albee
produced by Cherry Lane Theatre
with Judith Ivey, George Bartenieff, Lois Markle, Harmon Walsh, Jesse Williams and Daniel Shevlin (Kate Mulgrew replaced Judith Ivey during the production’s extension from Aprill 22 through May 3.)
set design by Neil Patel, costume design by Carrie Robbins, lighting design by Nicole Pearce, music by William Flanagan, sound by Arielle Edwards

This production of The American Dream & The Sandbox was presented as part of Cherry Lane’s Heritage Series. Both plays were originally produced at Cherry Lane Theatre in 1961 and 1962 respectively, as part of Albarwild, a collaboration between Edward Albee and producers Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder.

Filmed by PBS’ American Masters and Lincoln Center Library

The american dream and the sandbox poster Daniel shevlin Daniel shevlin judith ivey george bartenieff Jesse williams myra carter Daniel shevlin kate mulgrew george bartenieff George bartenieff and judith ivey George bartenieff Judith ivey and kathleen butler Kathleen butler judith ivey harmon walsh george bartenieff