Teresa’s Ecstasy

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Teresa's Ecstasy
by Begonya Plaza
directed by Will Pomerantz
with original music by Albert Carbonell
featuring Shawn Elliott, Linda Larkin and Begonya Plaza

"Teresa's Ecstasy is a sumptuous comic drama about sex, love and spirituality. A terrific script by Begonya Plaza. Shawn Elliott gives a stunning performance. Linda Larkin sparkles."--Guerra, New York Daily News

"Well written, touching and funny. Shawn Elliott is outstanding. Will Pomerantz ably directs." --Farrar, Associated Press

In Teresa's Ecstasy Carlotta's return to Barcelona has two purposes. It's a stopover on the way to Avila, where she is researching an article on St. Teresa, a 16th century nun. It's also to serve her husband Andres with divorce papers. Over a sumptuous lunch of wine and gazpacho, Andres fights to rekindle their relationship. But Carlotta is on a quest for the divine, and in the process of discovering the mystical Teresa's Ecstasy, she discovers herself.