Teeth of the Sons

by Joseph Sousa

directed by Nicole Haran


with  Will Allen, Casandera M.J. Lollar, Shayna Padovano,

Joseph Sousa, and Donald P. Flores

Jacob, played by Sousa, is the younger of two Jewish brothers. Jacob looks after the family house, studying Torah and being pursued by all the families at temple with girls of a marriagble age. His older brother is the family fuck-up, or so we are shown throughout the character’s familial interactions. It turns out that Sam, who has a habit of disappearing on his family for extended periods of time, has re-connected with the boys’ estranged father and his side of the family – who are Greek Orthadox. Meanwhile, Sam’s fallen for – and knocked up – a Polish girl, and now they want Jacob to let them stay for a while.

May 24 - June 22