Queen Latina and Her Power Posse

Cherry Lane Theatre Late Nite hosts

Queen Latina and her Power Posse: the reboot
created by: David Anzuelo
episodes written by: David Anzuelo; Maggie Bofill; Webb Wilcoxen and more
directed by: Elizabeth Canavan; Russell G. Jones; Portia and more
choreographed by: Jill DeArmon and more
music by: Cristian Amigo
cast: Analisa Velez, Rocky Vega, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Sean Carvajal, Kara Young, Yadira Guevara Prip, Paola Lazaro, Jake Cannavale, Diomargy Nunez, Javana Mundy, Ron Phippen, Eric Bettancourt, Sean Griffin
special guest appearances include the original (LAB) Power Posse and more
Analisa Lalaloca is a grad student at Columbia University. While researching Queen Latina for a “Contemporary Feminist Icons” research paper, Analisa grows fascinated by this Latina super hero. Analisa cyber stalks Queen Latina and discovers her true identity: Liza Colonia. After learning of Liza Colonia’s final adventure which led to the death of Demi-Goddess Shayzee (also Liza’s mentor), Analisa makes contact with Queen Latina. Liza Colonia is now teaching high school full time; no longer writing books or fighting crime. The former super hero is guilt ridden about Shayzee. Liza see’s a lot of herself in Analisa so she bestows her with the love gun and inspiration to take on the title of the new Queen Latina.