Hot Fun in the Wintertime

Hot fun 1

The Cherry Lane Theatre's Late Night Series Presents:


Hot Fun in the Wintertime, a late-night show comprised of new comedy and live music. 


New blood in an old vein: Hot Fun is serious play, creating a unique social environment, while bringing original comedy to the historic Cherry Lane Theatre.


Ages 21 and over


What audiences are saying...


I just wanted to express what a joy it was to see the youth, energy, exuberance and sheer raw talent of the troupe that produced Hot Fun in the Wintertime.  I came in expecting a showcase of fledgling post-collegiate actors, and ended up experiencing what felt like the makings of an ensemble on the rise - a la The State out of the NYU scene in the 80s/90s.  I've witnessed numerous sketch comedy shows in my time and thought that, for the most part, the writing, performing and overall production was on par with what I've seen at The Groundlings in LA and verging on SNL-quality prospects.  Not all of it worked perfectly - as you would expect - but the irreverence and intelligence of the pieces (even when, admittedly, pushing the envelope taste-wise) made for a truly satisfying whole.  It's great to see young performers who seem to actually have something to say - about culture, politics, stereotypes…life! - but can say it comedically and without a heavy hand.


Knowing Cherry Lane's commitment to emerging talent, I hope these young people are given the opportunity to showcase what obviously is a special group of writers/performers and can continue to develop their work at this historic venue. I could see it very quickly becoming a sensation for them (and the theatre).


--Larry Morgan 



Jon Bass (Book of Mormon)

Kaley Ronayne (Army Wives)

Edmund Donovan (Snow Geese)



Thursday, December 12th

Friday, December 13th

Saturday, December 14th


Thursday, December 19

FridayDecember 20

Saturday December 21


All performances start @ 10pm.


Tickets are $10 with online reservation. 

$15 at the door. 


Tickets on sale soon!